Electric Guitar lessons Vancouver Wa

Gretsch Black Falcon

Here in Vancouver Wa, we have a lot of good teachers who teach electric guitar, with private lessons. Playing electric guitar, is way different than playing acoustic guitar, for more than the oblivious reasons.

Playing an electric guitar has the same similar characteristics like acoustic guitar: you have to be able to play chords, know music theory, be able to finger pick, and know your scales.

Playing an electric guitar involves using a amplifier, pedals for effects, and understanding how the various types of pickups work.
When I teach electric guitar lessons, I carefully explain what various types of guitar interplay with amplifiers. I own a Fender Nashville Telecaster with a B bender, a Gretsch Black Falcon, a Taylor T5 Koa, and a Gibson ES 335 dot. Each electric guitar produces a unique tone. My electric guitars includes tips on how to get the best tone out of your pedalboard and amp.

Tips for beginning electric guitar players who want lessons from me:
Spend some money and buy a good amp to start with. Go to your local music store and spend some time playing various amps.

Set a budget. You don’t need to buy the top of the line Gibson guitar or Fender amp. But don’t buy junk… Aka amps that are solid state that hiss and pop when you turn them on.

Search Craig’s List for used electric guitars and amps. Buy brand names. Read reviews on line.

Finally, chose a electric guitar teacher who will help you understand the whys and how’s of music. Any one can copy guitar tabs on their own. Find a electric guitar teacher who will help you unlock the music inside your spirit, mind and soul.

I have openings for electric guitar lessons, here in Vancouver, Wa. Give me a call or e mail me for more info!