Banjo lessons in Vancouver, Wa

Goldtone 5 string dojoThe summer is a great time to learn a new instrument…5 string banjo has become my favorite.
It’s very easy to learn, and there are a few good instruction books I use when I teach.

My lessons cover: bluegrass or Earl Scruggs, frailing or claw hammer style, and the Woody Guthrie folk style.

I teach music theory with my banjo lessons, so you will know why the chords are, they way they were written. Understanding the Circle of 5ths will open your improvisational skills.

I use some IPad applications for 5 string banjo, that teach and show various picking patterns. Forward rolls, bum- diddty, there is so much.
Also, you will understand timing, beat and groove and how it pertains to banjo.

I have developed a simple, yet effective lesson plan that helps beginning banjo students have fun learning to play.

My teaching instrument is a 5 string Goldtone dojo. It’s known as a banjo/ resonator. The neck of a banjo, and the body of a dobro.

Bands like Mumford and Sons, the band Perry, and the Rend Collective Experiment have brought banjo back to the forefront of music. Old time, roots, country and rock… You will here banjo all over the place.

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