Music Theory Lessons Vancouver, Wa

Yes… Music theory can be challenging to understand. What’s with all of the sharps and flats? The Nashville number system? What do you mean by the “tonic?” Will this make me a better musician?

The short answer is yes! By taking music lessons, whether its guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin or voice, understanding the ” why & how ” of music will make your playing easier. And you will be able to jam aka improvise with others.

Maybe you are a songwriter, and you can’t find that ” magical” chord which will pull your song together. Understanding the Circle of 5ths will take your music to a new level.

I teach private music lessons here in Vancouver, WA. Music theory lessons are available for those, who can play guitar, but want to know more. I am patient and we work on developing a lesson plan that you write out. I start off with understanding melody, chord triads, and scales.

Whether you play banjo, mandolin and guitar… And you want to start playing your own music, that’s inside of your heart, mind and soul, I can help guide you with my teaching style.

Contact me and lets set up a time to discuss music lessons!