Mandolin lessons in Vancouver, WA

Mandolin has become popular again with all ages. Here in Vancouver, WA, we have a strong bluegrass music scene, along with roots/ Americana music. Mandolin fits right in, tone wise and has a rich musical tradition.
Learning to play a mandolin can seem hard.
But if you have a patient teacher ( like myself ) use a good music instruction book, and take time to practice, you will learn quickly.
Open position mandolin chords ( also known as two finger chords) are easy to learn. I encourage my students to work really hard at learning them.
I teach a lot of music theory in my mandolin lessons, so that you will know why chords and progressions are the way they are.
I own a Godin electric mandolin and a Lyon Healy tear drop mandolin.
Also, listen to all kinds of music that uses mandolin: rock, folk, jazz, in addition to bluegrass or newgrass.
I offer beginning mandolin instruction at two locations:
heritage church in Vancouver, WA and Parkside church in Camas, WA.
E mail or call for schedule.
My rates are $25.00 for 1/2 hour lesson
$40.00 for an hour lesson.