Beginning guitar lessons / Camas Wa.


You are never too young or old to begin private guitar lessons.
Couple of teacher tips:
Learn on a guitar that stays in tune, and is easy to play. Yes, your finger tips will develop calluses in the beginning. But this takes time.

Decide what you want to learn: playing acoustic or electric guitar.
What kind of music? Blues, rock, country, Christian gospel.

Make some measurable musical goals that you can measure/ define. Example: I want to be playing in a band in six months. Or I want to play lead guitar in three months. Or I want to break out of my musical rut.

Find a teacher that uses guitar instruction books. Mine are readily available via the web and at your local music store.

Finally: find a teacher that will make your lesson times fun and enjoyable. Half hour lessons are the best place to start. I feel that music is something that should bring joy into your areas / environments of music. Choose songs that will encourage you …or better yet, compose your own.

I can help you with all of the aforementioned subjects.

Start with private guitar / voice lessons with Steve Hotra today. Email for more information