Guitar teaching tools – I loud speaker system

I like to use new technology and gear in my guitar lessons. Usually I will default to a new effects pedal, or an app that I have found.

I just want to give a shout out / recommendation for  the ILoud Bluetooth speaker system. 40 watts, with a lot of low end, and the size is like those leather bonus bibles your parents have. It works well with running a mini 8 plug cable from your Ipad/ cell phone / laptop straight into the ILoud.

Some are using this with their virtual guitar rigs. Or in my case with a recording project. We are mixing original songs for IPad, I pod and cell phones.

yes it’s a little expensive, but well worth the money. You get a very accurate representation of your projects.

And it works well with my guitar / piano / voice lessons. I use the latest technology with all of my students.

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