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This picture is one of my favorite guitars: a Taylor T5 koa acoustic / eclectric guitar.
Its a great guitar and one that I use often. I am able to have acoustic sounds and electric sounds from the same guitar.
Playing a guitar that stays in tune, sounds great, will help you become a better singer.
In my voice lessons, I help musicians of all ages improve their singing/ plain skills. I teach how to breathe properly. And how to develop timing and groove when playing.
I am familiar with a wide variety of musical genres: ranging from folk, pop, rock, gospel, blues and country. Though each is quite different in musical style, they share a few of the same basic traits:
1. You must be able to sing in pitch, no exceptions.
2. You must be able to play in time. Don’t get too crazy, stay steady so you can concentrate on your presentation.
3. Serve the song… its about melody and lyrics. Compliment the musical style, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Its all been done before. Yet, its ok to make the song “yours” as long as people can identify with it.

In my music lessons, I help people of all ages become the best musicians that they can. Often its just simple coaching and encouragement…an outside person helping you improve your musical skills.

Contact me for openings at my two teaching locations:
Heritage Church in Vancouver WA
Parkside Church in Camas WA

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