Singing and Voice Lessons in Vancouver Wa

spot1Learning how to sing properly takes work. For those of us, who sing in bands, churches, choirs, and teach, we can forget how important proper breathing exercises matter. Singing and voice lessons can help you reach your musical goals.

Some topics I cover in my private voice lessons are:
1. Singing the vowels. A E I O U. Singing them in a major or minor scale, will help you understand how words sound and feel when we sing them.

2. Learning how to breathe properly when singing a song. Again, those of us who play instruments and sing take this for granted. I teach my students how to look for places in the song, to catch a breathe. Which helps you maintain pitch.

3. Develop relative pitch and learn how to sing in tune. Again, with proper breathe support,and being aware of phrasing ( going flat at the end of a vocal line) we can intentionally develop action steps that will help you recognize when you are singing flat or out of tune.

4. Singing and playing and instrument at the same time. Folks, this is harder than it looks, especially if you are learning how to play guitar. But, if you work on a few basic steps, you will be singing and playing faster than you think. Vocally: learn and figure out what are you keys to sing in. Musically: learn those chords inside and out ( whether its guitar or piano. You must learn how to let the chords flow out of you.

5. Finally, realize that music is emotional, spiritual and physical.
What do I mean by this?
Physically: how you stand and sing/ play guitar affects everything. Correct posture, proper hand technique, will make you a better musician.
Emotionally: learn to sing/ play with passion and feeling. Be thankful for the talent you have been given or are developing. Sing the blues, rock, folk, gospel… Do this with every fibre of your being, especially when you practice or rehearse. When it comes time to sing, people will experience and enjoy the passion you bring through your music.
Spiritual: everything and everyone has a spirit. All music is spiritual in nature. Music can provide a moral compass to live life. Music has the ability to heal and restore, to celebrate and to encourage, to mourn and reflect. The Beatles, Bach, Hank Williams, etc.. The list goes on of how music affects the world. Realize this, and you will become a better singer and instrumentalist.

As a private music instructor, I can help you develop and improve the musician inside. Whether you want to learn how to sing better ( pitch and breathe) I can help. It takes hard work, and a willingness to want to learn and work on technique.

Thanks for reading my blog… E mail me for voice lessons here n Vancouver Wa.