How Young Is Too Young for Guitar Lessons?

I was asked this question from the mom of a possible student. She was wondering if her 6 year old son was too young to start guitar lessons.

In my opinion, children can start learning and understanding music as early as 5 months old. One of my friends is the director of Music Together / Colombia Ridge here in the Camas/ Washougal WA area. We’ve had quite a few conversations about early musical development in pre schoolers. She and Music Together believe that there is music inside all of us, that needs to be recognized and developed.

So back to my question? How young is too young for private guitar lessons. I am finding that you have to go case by case. I am currently teaching a 6 year old boy, who is showing relative pitch ( he sings in key with the songs he is learning) He is understanding chord and strumming patterns. But I do have the mom sitting with us. And I make sure that we have a lot of ” fist pumping” when he masters a song.

Most of my younger students are in the 9 – 10 – 11 year old range. I have a few banjo students, a few piano students ( who are learning to play by chord and music theory method.) The length of the lessons are no more than 1/2 hour, every week.

Also, pay attention to the size and feel of the instrument ( guitar and banjo.) Your son or daughter needs to be able to form chords without strain on their hands.

Finally, choose a teach who is patient, has passed background checks, and understands/ knows how to teach younger students. Once they reach 12/13/14, your teaching style and communication needs to adapt.

I believe in words of positive affirmation with all of my younger students. I make sure that they understand musical concepts. And that they are having fun. Also, I am not afraid to let go of a student if I am not a good “teacher fit” for them.

If you are a parent who is looking for a experienced and patient music teacher, give me a call or email. Lets see if we are a good match to help your child begin their musical journey!

Thanks for visiting Professional Music Lessons / Steve Hotra