Guitar lessons/ Wampler Paisley OD / Vancouver WA

I teach guitar lessons here in Vancouver, WA. Part of my lesson plan is to teach my students how to use their gear ( effects, amps, etc)

A lot of folks ask me what kind of overdrive pedals do I like to use?
I am a big fan of Wampler pedals, especially his Paisley overdrive.
Created in conjunction with Brad Paisley, this pedal offers an over drive that has a tube screamer tone. But it’s much more than that: it has a nice growl to it, and gives your distortion a lot of bark / bite. It’s not a smooth sounding overdrive and not a high gain overdrive, too.

It has a variety of tonal options. Simply move the toggle switches for bass roll off, and more mid range emphasis.

This pedal sounds great with all of my guitars, from my hollow body Grestch Black Falcon, to my solid body telecaster B bender.

It’s much more than country.

Part of taking guitar lessons is learning how to use your gear ( overdrive, delay, chorus, tremolo ) to create a unique sound that is yours.

In addition to teaching guitar technique, I help my students understand how their pedals work, ( settings, and how they mix with their amplifiers )

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