Guitar lessons in Camas / Vancouver WA


How young is too young to start private guitar lessons?
Above is one of my youngest guitar students. Josh started at 6 1/2 years old. For some teachers, that may be too young. I think it’s depends on the student. Josh has a desire to practice what we go through in our music books. He likes the songs that we agree to learn how to play ( his mom and dad are pastors ) I think he will be a future worship leader. It’s important that I was able to help Josh learn basic guitar chords, strumming patterns and learn how to play his electric guitar through his amp.

In my lesson time, I want to make our guitar lessons educational and fun. I was Josh’s first guitar teacher, and then ended up teaching piano to his two older sisters too. They are a very musical family.

Developing musical talent and skills ( guitar, piano or voice lessons ) is very important. For the family, it’s something they can do together. For the students it builds confidence. For the teacher, it’s a blessing to help someone begin their musical matter how young or old.

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