Electric guitar lessons Vancouver WA

DSCN1744Here is a picture of the four electric guitars that I teach with. I use a Gretsch Black falcon, a Taylor T5 custom koa, a  Gibson 335 dot and a Fender telecaster with a B bender.

Each guitar has a unique tone and personality of its own.

in my guitar lessons, we talk about how to get great tones from your guitar. It starts with the volume and tone knobs. Often we just start of with a clean guitar sound. This helps you hear and understand what the guitar can do.

Later in our guitar lessons we bring in effects: overdrive distortion fuzz, delay, reverb, etc. Each pedal can enhance or distract from the sound / tone of the guitar.

Finally we talk about the amp: tube or solid state, 10, 12 or 15 ” speaker ( I own all three ) and how each kind of speaker / amp helps you get your desired tone.

Having a good electric guitar amp, is just as important as the guitar itself. I own the following:  Mesa Express 5:25, Jazzkat Tomkat, a MB 200 bass amp head, and a custom built 53E head. You can see that I like to use a variety of amp platforms.

Electric guitar lessons with Steve Hotra is more than just playing notes, or tabs.  I want to help you  create  cool and new music that is inside of you.

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