Acoustic guitar lessons .. Where to start?

Gibson J 45

I am asked the following question: should I start beginning guitar lessons on an acoustic or an electric guitar?

My recommendation is based on the following:

1. What kind of music do you want to play? Blues, country, jazz, folk, rock, gospel, bluegrass ? Are you a singer? Do you want to play lead guitar ( speed metal, blues fusion ) or do you like to strum and keep the music going with a strong backbeat? Who are your favorite artists. What’s on your iPod / smart phone that you keep listening to.

2. Acoustic strings are harder and it’s takes a little bit of effort to form chords. Developing calluses will come in time. Electric guitar strings are a lighter gauge, it’s they’re not too hard on your finger.
Electric guitars need an guitar amplifier…fun but it can get expensive.

3. Age of the student. I have a few young students 5 and 6 years that are learning on a student size Yamaha acoustic guitar. It’s great for them, they are able to reach the frets, and form chords. There are student model electrics,too. Make sure they stay in tune and have proper intonation. Adults can play larger body shape guitars ( jumbos and dreadnoughts ) Again, it depends who you want to sound like.

Final thoughts: maybe you don’t want to sound like anyone at all. You just want to learn how to play the coolest instrument ever made. Acoustic guitars can be taken anywhere ( beach, mountains, desert)
Electrics are cool too… Seen Jack Johnson lately? Vince Gill is coming to town soon.

Make sure that your guitar stays in tune, is playable, and find a good instructor who will help you become a better musician ( more than just a guitar player) I teach a fair amount of music theory in all of my lessons. I want you to know what and why the notes / chords fit together.

I would love to help you get started with guitar lessons. As you can see, I play both ( electric and acoustic ) it’s never too late to start guitar lessons. Contact me for more information!